National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences

National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences

National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences

The National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences (NIOS) established in 1997, is the academic arm of THONEH. It continues to be a centre of excellence in Ophthalmic Sciences producing holistic professional undergraduates and post graduates able to adapt to the global challenges facing the healthcare profession.

  • NIOS is the only hospital-based institution in Malaysia offering optometry and healthcare business related courses.
  • It is strategically located next to THONEH providing students access to full fledged practical clinics.
  • NIOS emphasises on quality and affordability as well as employability of our graduates.
  • NIOS has and continues to build a strong reputation for quality partnerships via industrial engagements, community services and placements.

 NIOS student financing arrangement

  • The objective of this arrangement is to provide financial assistance to students wanting to pursue studies at the National Institute of Ophthalmoic Sciences (NIOS).
  • This service provides NIOS a secondary student recruiting method to achieve its objective of achieving a University College status in the near future.
  • This sponsorship will be offered to visually challenge persons and/or their family members.

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