Accreditation, Awards & Affiliations

Accreditation, Awards & Affiliations

Our Accreditation

THONEH takes pride in successfully achieving the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation consecutively from the year 2014. Awarded every three years after an extensive accreditation process by experts in the field of healthcare quality and patient safety, THONEH is one of only 13 other healthcare institutions within Malaysia to obtain and maintain it.

JCI accreditation

The JCI is a United States of America (USA) based accreditation commission that is internationally recognised as holding the most rigorous global standards in quality and patient safety within the healthcare industry. It is considered the world’s leader in healthcare accreditation and the foremost author and evaluator of healthcare industry standards.

JCI standards and evaluation methods are made up of unique tools that are designed to drive forward positive change. During the accreditation process, the team of JCI experts conducts

  • Through interviews with staff, patients and leadership members
  • Physical inspections of the facilities
  • Review of records

The survey and inspections touch every part of the organisation extensively and provide a very comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the organisation’s quality of care that achieves the highest standards in patient safety goals. The stringent and extensive evaluation of a healthcare organisation and facility from the JCI leading to the attainment of the Gold Seal gives THONEH,

  • The confidence that our quality and patient safety standards are of the highest order
  • The recognition that THONEH has the capability to understand and operate according to healthcare gold standards

The effort to put THONEH through the JCI accreditation process allows us to expand our knowledge, understanding, research and experience with international healthcare standards. It has also allowed THONEH to,

  • Identify areas to focus on in terms of patient safety based on the “6 International Patient Safety Goals”
  • Identify key areas in patient safety and management based on the Standards Guidelines and to solidify these into policies and procedures which are implemented and, constantly improved and upgraded
  • Encourage positive inputs for improvements using specific tools such as:
    o Incident reporting and its analysis to bring change in workplace, patient safety and patient management cultures
    o Systematic problem solving measures incorporating evidence based methodology

e.g. Root Causes Analysis for identified problems and Failure Mode Analysis for risk management

THONEH’s commitment

We in THONEH are committed to the positive drive instituted by the JCI and are constantly striving and aiming to keep ourselves ahead in the latest advancements in knowledge, quality and patient safety goals in the healthcare industry. Our patient care and organisation management as per JCI standards will be dedicated to providing patients the best level of care possible.

Safety & Quality at THONEH

Quality of healthcare in THONEH means the best possible health outcomes given the available circumstances and resources that is consistent with patient centred care that employs the highest level of compassion and vigilance for patient welfare.

THONEH views quality healthcare as the overarching umbrella under which patient safety, the cornerstone of high-quality healthcare, resides.

To ensure that we provide this, THONEH established the Quality and Patient Safety Department. Its focus is to oversee all quality initiatives and activities in the hospital that affect patient care. The emphasis of safety ensures a system of care that,

  • Is built on a culture of safety that involves healthcare professionals, organisations and patients comprehensively and holistically
  • Prevents errors
  • Learns from errors that may occur

With the attainment of the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, THONEH has further enhanced its quality of healthcare and patient safety by,

  • Strengthening its practices in line with the most current international practices
  • Designing quality care systems that stimulate and support sustained quality improvement
  • Developing policies and procedures that reduce risks to the patient
  • Focusing on building a culture of patient safety


Recognised for consistently providing excellent services in eye care, THONEH was awarded the prestigious Brand Laureate, SMEs Chapter Award 2009, and the Best Brands Healthcare Eye Hospital by the Asia Pacific Brand Foundation (APBF).

In 2010, THONEH was recognised with the Malaysia Health Tourism Award presented by YB Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai on behalf of the Ministry of Health.



THONEH is one of the founding Member Hospitals of the ASEAN Association of Eye Hospitals (AAEH) [Link to AAEH Website], alongside the American Eye Center, Phillippines, Jakarta Eye Centre, Indonesia, Rutnin Eye Hospital, Thailand, and Singapore National Eye Centre. Founded on 26th August 2004, in a little over a decade, the organisation now also includes the Celebes Eye Center, Dr Yap Eye Hospital, and Medan Eye Center from Indonesia; Asian Eye Institute, Calamba Medical Center, and Galileo Eye Center from Philippines; Mettapracharak Hospital in Thailand; and Cao Thang International, Vietnam.

The AAEH aims to promote co-operation between eye hospitals and eye centres to make ASEAN a Centre of Excellence for Ophthalmology, comparable to the best eye hospitals in the world. Soon after the formation of AAEH, this vision was extended globally when The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital, together with Singapore National Eye Centre and Jakarta Eye Centre Indonesia were instrumental in the formation of the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH) [Link to WAEH website] alongside our European counterparts, Moorfield Eye Hospital United Kingdom and Rotterdam Eye Hospital The Netherlands.